Blackwood Winemakers and Brewers Club Inc.

…promoting excellence in wine and beer making…

The Blackwood Winemakers and Brewers Club, was formed in 1978. It is a dedicated group of amateur wine and beer makers who meet monthly to discuss club matters, run club wine and beer competitions, have guest speakers and discuss various aspects of their home made wines and beers.
Members have the opportunity to discuss their methods, mistakes or even miracles with others, who collectively have decades of experience to share.


The Blackwood Winemakers and Brewers Club will appeal to any enthusiast who has the time and inclination.
Amateur winemaking and brewing is not necessarily a complex process nor one that involves a great deal of prior knowledge.
Excellent wines and beers can be achieved by following a set of procedures that require good base material, cleanliness and careful monitoring of the product’s on going development.


aims of the club

  • To keep alive the traditions of winemaking and brewing.
  • To discuss methods and exchange ideas for the mutual improvement of amateur wines and beers.
  • To assist beginners in the art and science of brewing and winemaking.
  • To foster good fellowship between amateur winemakers and brewers.
  • To further an understanding of viticulture.
  • To foster an appreciation of wine and beer.

benefits of membership

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Wine and beer making equipment available on loan
  • Club wine bottling
  • Club competitions (trophies awarded)
  • Affiliation with ANAWBS (Australian National Amateur Wine and Beer Show)
  • Social get-togethers
  • Education sessions
  • Guest speakers
  • Option evenings
  • Palate education
  • Winery & Brewery Tours